BART - balance bike

Bart bike gives small users a lot of fun and at the same time positively affects the development of motor coordination, muscles and balance skills. It is an excellent introduction to the art of traditional cycling and also offers a lot of fun in the fresh air.

Lightweight and robust construction

The vehicle’s construction is based on a lightweight and durable frame made of a corrosion- resistant magnesium alloy.

Adjustment of the saddle

The adjustment range of the saddle on the Bart model is from 35 to 43 centimetres.

Steering wheel adjustment

The steering wheel is adjustable from 50 to 57 centimetres. The product grows with your child.

Embossed footrest

The frame of the Bart bike is shaped so that the child can rest its legs on the footrest while using the vehicle.

Lightweight and robust construction

Thanks to the frame made of a die-cast magnesium alloy, the vehicle is up to 75percent lighter than comparable bikes with steel frames. The damping properties of the material allow the structure to act like a natural shock absorber during the ride. The welding-free manufacturing process makes the frame more durable and resistant to damage.

Well-built and maintenance-free wheels

The Lionelo Bart model is equipped with lightweight, maintenance-free EVA foam wheels that cannot be punctured. They do not need to be inflated and are perfect for any type of surface. The profiled tread has a positive effect on the grip of the bike while riding.

The Bart model has undergone multi-stage internal verification and testing in an independent SGS certification laboratory. The bicycle complies with the European safety standard EN 71.

Safe play

The handlebar grips are made of non-slip material and are protected against unintentional slipping of the hand. With the adjustable seat and handlebars, you can adjust the vehicle individually to your child’s needs. The lock to limit the steering angle eliminates the risk of tipping over, and the rounded edges protect little users’ skin from abrasions. The bicycle frame has a discreet embossing that serves as a footrest.

Easy to carry

The Lionelo Bart wheel features a frame with an elegant streamlined shape that gives it a dynamic, sporty style. In the middle part of the frame is an impressive free space that is used to carry the vehicle. Thanks to its low weight and high portability, the bike is also suitable for longer holiday trips.


Age range:from 2 years
Maximum load:up to 30 kg
Product dimensions:88 x 39 x 50 cm
Product weight:3 kg
Steering wheel adjustment:yes, 50 - 57 cm
Adjustment of the saddle:yes, 35 - 43 cm
Wheels type:EVA-foam
Dimensions of the wheels:30,5 cm (12 inch)
Functionality:Magnesium lightweight construction; welded frame; metal fasteners and steel bearings; twist lock; punched footrest; carrying handle
Materials:Magnesium alloy, steel
Set:Balance bike, Allen key, operating instructions, warranty card

In the Support tab, you will find resources that will help you find the necessary information on the operation and safety of the product. If you have any further questions, please contact the Customer Service Office.


BART – installation instructions