BART AIR - balance bike

The Bart Air balance bike perfectly combines business with pleasure. On the one hand, it is a source of fun and enjoyment, and on the other, it supports the child’s physical development. The lightweight magnesium frame construction and the inflatable wheels guarantee a low weight of the vehicle, and the Adjustable handlebars and saddle allow it to grow with your child.

Lightweight and robust construction

The construction of the Bart Air model is based on a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy frame.

Adjustment of the saddle

The adjustment range of the saddle on the Bart Air model extends from 35 to 43 centimetres.

Steering wheel adjustment

Thanks to the adjustable handlebar height, the bike grows with your child.

Embossed footrest

The frame of the Bart Air Bike is shaped so that the child can rest their legs on the footrest while using the vehicle.

High quality frame

The construction of the Bart Air bicycle is based on a die-cast frame made of a special magnesium alloy. This makes the vehicle 75 percent lighter than comparable products with a steel frame. Manufactured in the technology of seamless construction has a higher strength and resistance to

damage, and the cushioning properties of the plastic make it act like a natural shock absorber.

Bart Air is a safe educational product for children, which is confirmed by a series of internal controls and the certificate of the SGS testing laboratory. The bike complies with the European safety standard EN 71.

Inflatable 12 inch wheels

The Bart Air all-terrain bike has 12-inch treaded pneumatic wheels for excellent grip and manoeuvrability. Durable tubes and tyres, solid metal fasteners, steel bearings and rims – all these components guarantee that the product is highly resistant to damage.

Adjustable handlebar and saddle

The handlebar and saddle adjustment of the Bart Air model makes it easy to adapt the settings to the needs of children with different body structures. Thanks to the anti-slip pads on the handlebars, steering the bike becomes easier and the steering lock definitely reduces the risk of injury. The frame has been given a gentle embossing that serves as a footrest.

Easy to transport and dynamic design

Bart Air is characterised by an extremely dynamic, sporty line with streamlined edges that prevent possible abrasions or pressure marks while driving. Impressive looking cut-out in the frame serves as a handle for carrying the vehicle. The low weight and high portability make the bike suitable for taking along for a walk in the park as well as for holiday trips.


Model:Bart Air
Age range:from 2 years
Maximum load:up to 30 kg
Product dimensions:88 x 39 x 50 cm
Product weight:3,8 kg
Steering wheel adjustment:yes, 50 – 57 cm
Adjustment of the saddle:yes, 35 – 43 cm
Wheels type:Rubber, inflatable
Dimensions of the wheels:30,5 cm (12 inch)
FunctionalityMagnesium lightweight construction; welded frame; metal fasteners and steel bearings; twist lock; punched footrest; carrying handle
Materials:Magnesium alloy, steel
Set:Balance bike, Allen key, handlebar cover, instruction manual, warranty card

In the Support tab, you will find resources that will help you find the necessary information on the operation and safety of the product. If you have any further questions, please contact the Customer Service Office.


BART AIR – installation instructions