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Bedside cot/playpen


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Bedside cot/playpen Toon

Depending on the need, Toon can be used both as a bedsite cot and a playpen, which makes it serviceable for many years. Special construction allows to change the function within few seconds. Thanks to 5-point height adjustment bedsite cot will fit every type of bed, whereas well-balanced frame and safety belts provide stability. When time for play comes, Toon transforms itself into central point of the child’s activities.

  • Made of fashionable linen-type fabric
  • Transparent net on both sides of a bed
  • Side entrance with a zipper lock
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Pocket and organizer
  • Angular adjustment
Dimensions: 92 x 64 x 36 cm (bedsite cot), 92 x 64 x 78 cm (playpen)
Weight range: up to 9 kg (bedside cot), up to 15 kg (playpen)
Warranty: 60 months


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