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Baby carrier

Lauren Plus

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Baby carrier Lauren Plus

Lauren Plus is a baby carrier 2 in 1.  Stable backrest supports the neck and head of the baby so you can use it when children are 4 months old until they are two years old. The carrier is a perfect tool both at home and during walks.

  • The hip belt helps to distribute the weight of the baby around parent’s hips. This way, it prevents them from back and neck injuries.
  • The anti-slip suede insert helps to maintain correct child’s position. It prevents slipping the baby out of the carrier and protects his spine.
  • The protective hood safeguards the baby’s head from the sun, wind and rain. It can be also easily detached from the carrier when it is needed.
  • Grey version is made of linen-type fabric, other versions are made of cotton.
Age: 4-24 months
Weight range: up to 15 kg
Warranty: 60 months
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