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Tricycle 2 in 1


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Tricycle 2 in 1 Kori

Kori is a safe and stable tricycle with a unique frame made of high-quality magnesium alloy. At first, Kori acts as a tricycle stroller with a freewheel and a handlebars for the youngest, and when the child feels ready for the first independent rides, it will turn into a classic tricycle.

As a tricycle stroller Kori allows the parent to rotate the seat – a little explorer can look at the walking route or face the parent. The freewheel and handlebar make the little one play in “steering” the bike, while in fact the parent controls the vehicle with an adjustable handle.

When the time is right, the handle for the parent, the footrest and the front barrier can be removed, and the toddler will take over the role of the driver. Anti-slip covers ensure a proper grip. Additionally, the set includes a bell that will introduce the child to the world of traffic rules.

Tubeless rubber tires with a specially designed tread cannot be punctured and ensure perfect adhesion. In order to provide comfort, a detachable, fully adjustable canopy on the backrest protects the baby from the sun. When the sun hides behind the clouds, reflective elements ensure better visibility on the road. The canopy has a ventilated mesh, which not only ensures perfect air circulation, but also allows you to constantly see if your baby needs anything.

Safety is ensured by 3-point belts with covers and the front barrier covered with soft, high-quality foam. The magnesium frame structure of the bicycle was made in a seamless technology, which guarantees durability and resistance to wear, and at the same time low weight compared to steel or aluminum structures. Reflective elements on the canopy make the vehicle more visible.

Water is very important on hot days, especially for children, so the parent’s handle has a convenient bottle holder. Kori also allows you to take any toys or nursing accessories with you thanks to a spacious zipped bag and two baskets.


  • Handle for a parent for control  – tricycle stroller
  • Classic tricycle for older children
  • Rotatable seat – rearward and forward facing
  • Foldable, adjustable canopy with a window
  • Light, durable frame made of magnesium alloy
  • Easy assembly
  • Reflective elements
  • 2 spacious baskets, bottle holder and zipped bag
  • Ruber tubeless wheels with tread – perfect adhesion
  • Free wheel and handlebar
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