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Baby car seat


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Baby car seat Jasper

Jasper car baby seat has even more functional and practical features that make it extremely easy to use and, most importantly, safe-increasing tool. It is distinguished by extraordinarily beautiful design – modern materials, beautiful styling and interesting colours. There are versions covered with leather or suede, depending on the colour.

  • ISOFIX connector – allows quick and reliable installation in a car. In the event of sudden stop or collision, it weakens the forces that can affect the child
  • A buckle used in Jasper is manufactured by a renowned Swedish Holmbergs company
  • Better head protection by SideProtect system
  • Dri-Seat is a special pad that increases the comfort of your baby during car trips! Used for the first time – exactly in the Jasper seat!
  • Extra metal reinforcement inside the seat minimizes the risk of seat deformation during severe collisions
  • Cup holder located on both sides of the seat
  • This product was tested by Automotive Industry Institute proving that it meets safety standard ECE R44/04
  • Set contains window covers

Dear customers,

In reference to RAPEX statement about Lionelo Jasper baby car seat we both confirm and reassure – this issue concerns only two product batches intended to Dutch market, from which approximately 90% was instantly detected and not approved for sale. Before emerging on the market Jasper was checked also in an independent laboratory – Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) where car seat positively passed conducted tests.

Therefore, we inform that aforementioned batches were not sold on Polish market and all available units are fully safe and comply to ECE R44/04 safety standard.

Weight range:

 9-36 kg


 forward facing position


 60 months
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