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Educational mat

Imke Plus

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Educational mat Imke Plus

Lionelo Education

Imke educational mat develops the baby’s motor and manual abilities in the first months of life. Detachable interactive toys, rattles and teething rings draw the baby’s attention with their shapes and intense colours so that the baby can strengthen its back, neck and shoulders, improve its spacial abilities and abiity to grip. Set contains also 30 colourful balls which provide hours of fun. Balls can be stored in a nice house integrated with a mat.

  • The bottom part is made of a special thick material ensuring excellent thermal insulation
  • Toys on the hoops are detachable and can be used in other products like travel bed.
  • A special pattern that will help the baby to distinguish various animals
Dimensions: 90 x 85 x 48 cm
Warranty: 60 months
Set contains: mat, 2 bars, 4 hanging toys, book, 30 balls
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