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Balance bike

Fin Plus

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Balance bike Fin Plus

Lionelo Education

Fin Plus is a stylish balance bike that allows your child to develop motor coordination and agility. Riding FIN Plus young riders practice their balance, which is essential to master cycling a proper pedal bike. FIN Plus is incredibly light – it weighs as little as 3.2 kg!

  • Rubber handles protect the hands of your child from slipping.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight steel design
  • Wheels made of unpierceable EVA foam make Fin Plus usable for years
  • New curved frame allowing the bike to “grow” along with your child
  • Three colour versions – red, green and pink
Weight range: up to 27 kg
Wheels: EVA foam, 12′
Dimensions: 90 x 42 x 56 cm
Warranty: 60 months
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