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3D Printer FantasyPen 3D

Encourage creativity of your child with Lionelo FantasyPen 3D! The pen comes out with special filaments that cool as soon as they are pulled out of the pen’s nozzle, allowing young artists to create three-dimensional colour models. The filaments are completely safe and also suitable to be used directly on a hand.

  • The bundle includes set of PCL filaments with a total length of 20 meters, and 10 creative templates.
  • Implemented technology ensures 100% safety. The material coming out of the pen has proper temperature so that children can touch their work with no risk of burn.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 90 minutes of play on a single charge.
  • SGS certificate ensures that the product meets all required safety standards and is highly reliable.
Dimensions: 14 x 3,8 x 4,2 cm
Warranty: 24 months
Bundle includes: 3D printer, USB cable, 10 templates, 3 cartridges 5 m each, 5 cartridges 1 m each
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