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Educational mat

Anika Plus

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Educational mat Anika Plus

Lionelo Education

During the first months of their life children explore the world mainly through sight and touch senses. Anika is a baby gym that allows your children to familiarise themselves with shapes and colours as well as develop their motor coordination and spatial abilities. Its intense, contrasting colours stimulate the sense of sight of a young explorer and thus develop their imagination and ability to focus.

  • The special cushion and other included accessories will help your child strengthen their back, shoulders and neck muscles making them able to discover more and more each day – all of it through creative and joyful play!
  • The cushion can also be used as a support in prams, strollers or car restraints.
  • Set contains a special interactive book
Dimensions: 1150 x 1000 x 530 mm
Warranty: 60 months
Bundle includes: mat, 2 hoops, 6 hanging toys or/and for a pillow, baby safe mirror, pillow, teething, string with rattles
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