Frequently asked questions

My warranty card is not stamped by the seller, can I therefore claim warranty repair?
Yes. A stamped warranty card is not necessary to carry out a possible warranty repair. In this case it is necessary to provide proof of purchase with the device, e.g. receipt or invoice. Sending only the proof of purchase together with the device is sufficient to accept the device under warranty.
I want to send the device to a service centre for warranty repair, but I have found that I do not have / have not received proof of purchase.
In this case, it is best to contact the shop where the purchase was made in order to obtain a duplicate (copy) of the proof of purchase. Such a duplicate is accepted by the service. Every shop (including online shops) is obliged to enclose a proof of purchase i.e. an invoice or a receipt with the purchased device.
Should the device be sent to the service in a complete set (whole set) or only the element which is damaged?
It is recommended to send the whole set as the technician will have the opportunity to verify the correct operation of the new component on a complete device. In some cases it may turn out that the replacement of a given part does not solve the problem. Therefore it is recommended to send the complete set. In case of any doubts please contact our service department.
I would like to send my device for servicing. To which address should I send the package and what is the complaint procedure?
In order to send the device to the service, please fill in the complaint form found under this link: http://lionelo.com/zglos-naprawe/ Po. Having done this, the device (the whole set) should be sent using the address data given after filling in the form. Information on the shipping address and details of the claim will also be sent to the e-mail address given in the form.
How long does it take to process a complaint?
The service makes every effort to deal with each complaint in the shortest possible time. The waiting time for considering the claim is not longer than 21 working days from the moment of delivering the device to the service provided that the parts are available; in case of lack of parts the period for considering the claim may be prolonged as specified in the warranty card.
How do I check the repair status of a service order?
To check the current repair status of a service order click here (https://ql.quadra- net.pl/command/www.overmaxOrderSearchForm) A new window will open, in which youenter the “Repair ID” number and the name for which the order was registered. Then click on “search”. The current repair status will be displayed on the page.