BABYLINE 8.1 - baby monitor

Lionelo Babyline 8.1 is a modern baby monitor intended to let you monitor your child during the day and night. A broad vision and considerable range as well as possibility of pairing it with up to 4 other cameras together create a multi-point monitoring unit thanks to which parents can take best care of child’s needs and security.

Large display

A colorful display shows the image recorded by the camera on an ongoing basis and notifications sent by the device.

Viewing angle of 110°

A broad viewing angle lets you watch a large piece of space your child is in.

Two-way communication

Thanks to a two-side communication, Babyline 8.1 allows you to watch your child and establish a voice connection with it.


The device has a built-in thermometer which shows a current temperature in the child’s room.

Day-long monitoring

Babyline 8.1 is a modern baby monitor used to supervise the child all day long, with no need to be physically present in its room. The device is supplied with a night mode, thanks to which the image recorded remains clear, even if the room is completely dark. IR lights, installed in the product, do not emit red light so that the child’s sleep is not disturbed.

Two-way communication

The device has a built-in two-way communication unit. A broad viewing angle of 110° guarantees view of a large part of the space monitored. Babyline 8.1 is equipped with a motion and sound detection. This means that the blank screen, being in a standby mode, is illuminated when the child moves or starts crying. The range of the baby monitor is 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters in the open air.

Large screen and high-capacity battery

Babyline 8.1 baby monitor has a large screen with a diagonal of 4,3 inches. A colorful display allows you to zoom the image twice. A recorded view is smooth and devoid of delays. The product comes with a strong battery with a capacity of 1850 mAh, whereas VOX energy-saving mode makes sure the working time of the device is up to 9 hours with no need to charge it.

Multi-point monitoring system

With this device, you can pair up to 4 cameras and install them in several rooms. Babyline 8.1 baby monitor has an advanced alarming and notifications system which assists you in watching your child. Also the product is equipped with a thermometer used to take the temperature in the child’s room. A range of diverse functions of the product is supplemented by a possibility of activating lullabies and adjusting their volume.


Model:Babyline 8.1
Range:up to 300 m in open air, up to 50 m indoors, night mode: up to 5 m
Power supply:lithium-ion battery 1800 mAh, monitor power adapter: 5V, 1,5 A, camera power adapter: 5V, 1 A
Functionality:two-way communication; very smooth image; 2x zoom; screen brightness and volume adjustment; possible to pair with 4 cameras; broad viewing angle up to 110°; VOX energy-saving mode; alarms and notifications; sound and motion detection; battery working time up to 9 hours; 4 lullabies; thermal sensor
Set:screen, camera, charger, power adapter, camera assembly bolts, operating manual, guarantee card

BABYLINE 8.1 – installation instructions