BABYLINE 7.1 - baby monitor

A universal Babyline 7.1 baby monitor can successfully help parents take care of their child. Thanks to the advanced child monitoring function, efficient notifications and considerable range, the device allows parents to perform other duties and quickly react in case it is necessary.

Bedside lamp function

LED light around the camera lens serves as a beside lamp.

Operation on battery for 40 hours

Babyline 7.1 is supplied with a high-capacity battery which allows the device to operate for 40 hours with no need to charge it.

8 lullabies

Remotely activated calming melodies can help you calm the child with no need to leave a bed.

Two-way communication

Operation of the device is based on a two-way communication so that a parent and child can hear each other.

Child monitoring

Lionelo Babyline 7.1 has a built-in two-way communication unit which lets parents not only see and hear the child but also support it in case it gets anxious. The video recording camera has a 60-degree field of vision. The product may also operate in the advanced night mode whose operation is supported by a light sensor with a range of 5 meters. Thanks to such solution, the quality of view remains high, even if the lighting is poor or non-existent.

Versatility and wide range of functions

Babyline 7.1. baby monitor is equipped with a thermal sensor whose main role is to detect a current room temperature. The product comes with a handy stand, and thanks to its compact size and low weight can be attached to the wall too. The unit with a screen has a stable supporting handle. A LED light around the camera lens serves as a beside lamp. Babyline 7.1 holds 8 calming melodies which you can activate remotely.

Large screen and efficient battery

You can constantly watch your child on the screen with a diagonal of 3,2 inches. The product is equipped with a highly efficient battery of 1150 mAh, and thanks to the VOX energy-saving mode, the device can operate for 40 hours with no need to charge it.

Considerable range and advanced notifications system

Babyline 7.1 baby monitor offers a considerable range of 260 meters in the open air and 50 meters indoors. In case of loss of connection, child’s awakening or preset feeding time, alarms and notifications notify the parent accordingly.


Model:Babyline 7.1
Range:up to 260 m in open air, up to 50 m indoors, night mode: up to 5 m
Power supply:lithium-ion battery 1150 mAh, power adapter 5V 550mA
Functionality:two-way communication; 2 cameras for different rooms or angles; automatic switching between cameras; viewing angle up to 45°; VOX energy-saving mode; night mode; range loss alarm; flat battery alarm; feeding reminder; 8 lullabies
Set:screen, camera, charger, power adapter, operating manual, guarantee card

In the Support tab, you will find materials that will help you find the necessary information on the operation and safety of the product. If you have any further questions, please contact the Customer Service Office.


BABYLINE 7.1 – installation instructions