PAULA PLUS - Playmat

Interactive Paula Plus playmat makes it easier to stimulate the development potential of the child. Stimulating contrasting colours, friendly and funny overprint representing animals, as well as a set of absorbing accessories make the product the favourite play zone of the little explorers.

Tummy Time cushion

Helps in muscle exercises while lying on the belly, which is a good introduction for the baby to learn how to sit.

Patterns and colours stimulating development of the child’s senses

Graphic design of the playmat has a positive impact on the development of eyesight and imagination.

Large space for play

Thanks to its big size, Paula Plus playmat creates a large and safe space for play.

Interaktywne pałąki

Produkt wyposażony jest w pałąki z panelami świetlnymi LED działającymi w 2. trybach.

Versatile and safe space for play

Contrasting colours, great arrangement possibilities and the  abundance of shapes make Paula Plus playmat a perfect leisure zone for your child. The option of disassembly of toy bars make that the product can be used both in the form of a comfortable lounger and in the form of a learning blanket. The playmat has smooth edges, soft and thick bottom part with thermal insulation layer and clips protecting against spontaneous folding of the construction.

Paula Plus has been subjected to a multi-level internal check and tests in an independent certifying laboratory – SGS. The product meets standards indicated by the E 71 European Safety Standard.

Stimulating colours and a set of toys

Toy bars provided with the playmat has been equipped with LED light panels with 2 display modes. The arrangement of interactive toys on toys bars can be changed in different ways, they can also be completely dismantled. The product has been equipped with a panel enabling to play recorded sounds and melodies and to adjust their volume. The set also includes Tummy Time cushion which supports the youngest children in their exercises when they lay down on the belly.


Model:Paula Plus
Age group:0+
Product dimensions:85 x 48 cm, mattress diameter: 90 cm
Product weigh:1 kg
Functionality:soft and thick filling with insulation from the ground; large space for play; interactive toy bars with light panel and function of music playing; 2 display modes; volume adjustment; design stimulating the development of senses
Set:playmat, 2 toy bars with light panels, 4 toys, Tummy Time cushion, user manual, warranty card

In the Support tab, you will find materials that will help you find the necessary information on the operation and safety of the product. If you have any further questions, please contact the  Customer Service Office.


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