08.07.2021 | The launch of “Made by parents” campaign

Lionelo, a brand creating childcare articles, after nearly 8 years on the market, introduces a new logotype and visual identification system. As explained by the Management Board of the company, “rebranding is a response to the need to strengthen the brand’s position, shift the focus in communication to the needs of parents, and continuously improve the quality of the products”. These changes are a part of a larger strategy and development plans for the upcoming years.

Last year was a breakthrough year for Lionelo. In 2020, the decision to re-brand was made, which resulted not only in the modification of the logotype, but also the introduction of a new website. The process of the image change is coming to an end and the brand can already enjoy its results. – Lionelo rebranding is the culmination of the measures that have been taken in order to improve the quality of the products, so that the brand could enter the next stage of development. We have decided to modify the existing image and present the new one that better responds to the needs of our customers. – says Marcin Baranowski, CEO of Brandline Group.

Where is the friendly lion hiding?

When the brand was growing up, it was proudly represented by a cartoon lion with a red mane. – It brought us lots of joy and good memories. However, years of experience on the childcare products market, better understanding of customer needs, and a shift of focus from the individual requirements to the quality of human relations made us grow up. This is why we decided to show what these changes mean to us – explains Maria Libera, Lionelo Brand Manager.

The new form of the logotype was designed internally in Brandline Group. A minimalist reference to a symbolic lion’s head seen in profile is fully in line with the trend of timeless design. Simplicity and clarity of the message are an effective marketing channel to reach the potential customers of the brand. Seasonal trends disappear very quickly, while minimalist projects will prove perfect in every aspect of the visual identification, including a children’s brand.

Made by parents

An integral part of the logotype and the next change is a claim that reverses the perspective and accentuates the role of the parents in the process of Lionelo creation. – We have always designed and created products with the youngest in mind. Even though the concern about the child, the need for care and a sense of safety are still of the greatest importance, today we also pay attention to the needs of the parents. We want them to be sure that our products are safe and comfortable to use, both for children and parents. Changes in the brand image and in communication reaffirm the chosen development direction, while the campaign itself and the continuous improvement of the product quality will make the lives of parents easier – points out Maria Libera.

Together with the new slogan, the idea Made by parents was transferred to other areas and communication media. It is the basis of the latest company image spot.


From now on, in the communication with the customer, the greatest emphasis will be put on this “everyday life”. Life with a small child is a challenge and we, as parents, are well aware of this fact. This is a demanding but satisfying journey and a source of many positive emotions, which is something we want to highlight in our manifesto – adds Maciej Sitek, Head of Marketing in Brandline Group.

The brand manifesto is focused on the real, unembellished life of young parents, accompanied and helped by Lionelo every day. The image spot promotes values that fit into the brand’s DNA.

The spot is the main carrier of the “Made by parents” idea and a unique catalyst of engaging activities in the digital world and our own media. At the same time when the spot was released, a new website was introduced, Facebook and Instagram activities were rethought, and modifications of the manifesto were published on our YouTube channel. Lionelo also thinks about other non-standard activities and plans to cooperate with influencers – sums up Maciej Sitek.  

The campaign will start on June 28 and will continue until the end of 2021. It will take place mainly online, supported by banners, communication in social media and the press. The big idea preparation, campaign strategy, the concept of the manifesto, creative and KV supervision, and digital materials were provided by the Orange agency [agencja Pomarańcza].Lionelo team is responsible for spot production and photo shoot, Łukasz Korczak – directing, and Milco media boutique – planning and media purchase.

Plans for the future

A new logotype, claim, visual identification, as well as an attractive product presentation on a refreshed website (lionelo.com), together with a precise product filtering adapted to the user needs have already been appreciated by the brand customers. According to the group representatives, this is only the beginning and some major changes are spread over time.