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Baby carrier

Isa Plus

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Baby carrier Isa Plus

With this baby carrier you can be sure that the legs and arms of your child are always in correct position. Stable backrest supports the neck and head of the baby. The carrier can be used until the children are one year old. It supports four carrying positions that depend from the age and weight of the child. From now on, your walks will be even more enjoyable.

  • Only natural fabrics are resistant to abrasion and stretching. Cotton and linen are airy and have thermo-regulating features.
  • Special support for younger babies carried in front-inward position holds up their head.
  • The breathable mesh helps to drain sweat and excess heat from the body surface while maintaining proper temperature.
Age: 3-12 months
Weight range: up to 12 kg
Warranty: 60 months
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